Identification of decision-makers, Prospecting, detection of projects and making appointments concerning the following activities :

  • Technical packaging and machining of plastic sheets
  • Outsourcing of management of Metrology activities
  • Calibration
  • Sale of maintenance and updating contracts for coordinate measuring machines
  • Asset management software
  • Application to assist with software development using C, C++, Java and Charp
  • Repair of measurement and control instruments
  • Machining equipment
  • Sealing systems
  • Medical imaging, luminescence, fluorescence, spectrophotometry, in-vivo and in-vitro camera
  • Particle measuring devices, dust control, asbestos control
  • Sensors, flowmeters and temperature recorder
  • Machine for optical inspection (aoi, spi, X rays) and electrical tests (mobile probes and in-situ testing)
  • SMT placement machine
  • Centrifugal pumps, volumetric, eccentric screw
  • Low-pressure measurements and controlled temperature rooms
  • Multi-function quality calibrator
  • Spectrophotometry technique for analysis of raw materials on reception
  • Ultrasound flowmeters
  • Sale of oscilloscope-type devices
  • Infrared techniques in the food production industry (drying, appearance colouring, etc.)
  • Prospecting of static Pitot probes and battery charging racks
  • Coriolis-type dosing systems
  • Detection of projects relating to complete measurement chains (pressure, temperature, force, extension)
  • Manufacturing controllers (programming screen and communication systems, profibus and Ethernet)
  • Design office for prototyping
  • Project electronic cards and industrialisation (CMS type)
  • Design office in relation to machining, milling and 3D modelling techniques
  • Manufacturing control systems using Infrared and Mid-Infrared for drying, armouring and freeze-drying

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